Chehalis Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Pain-free, reliable treatment

We know that some patients, regardless of what treatments they come to us for, are anxious about coming to the dentist. These individuals would be extremely uncomfortable without the work of our Chehalis Sedation Dentistry specialists.


We offer oral anti-anxiety medications that make a person feel relaxed and carefree. This very common sedation dentistry procedure involves taking a pill before your visit. This allows the treatment to happen without any anxiety on behalf of the patient.

Nitrous Oxide

This procedure is better known as “laughing gas”. This procedure involves placing a mask on the patient. The patient inhales the gas, creating a sense of euphoria and reducing the feeling of pain. This enables the doctor to proceed without causing any distress to the patient.

Dr. Richard R. Walker doesn't want you to feel any anxiety. If necessary, we can safely manage your anxiety with sedation dentistry. Call us today if you need more information on sedation dentistry in Chehalis.